Father Edwin Kulling, Assistant Pastor 2010-12

fr edwin pieta

The third of five children, Father Edwin was born in Vancouver to immigrant parents; his father from Switzerland and his mother from Poland. His German-speaking parents settled in Chilliwack. Raised a devout Lutheran, Father Edwin believed at the tender age of 12 that his life would be devoted to God and he spent many hours studying religion. He attended the University of Victoria, graduating with an Undergraduate degree in History. He knew he was searching for something and soon began studies at Regent College, a Protestant Theological College at UBC. It was at college that he was first exposed to Catholic theology and literature “To its credit the Protestant Seminary presented the faith very fairly, so I was attracted to Catholicism, the sacramentalism, the largeness of the Catholic Church”, he recalls. But it would take many years before he actually came into the church. After graduating from Regent College he couldn’t quite commit entirely to becoming a Protestant Minister. He explored the beliefs of a wide range of Protestant denominations including the Baptists, Pentecostals, High Anglicanism and others. While continuing his spiritual journey, he found employment in retail and as a teacher, developing continuing education classes in history and religion. He continued his faith studies and devoted time to writing two books.

It was at 5PM on Saturday December 6th, 2003, that Father Edwin’s life came completely into focus. “I was invited by friends to attend my first Catholic mass at St. Bernadette’s. I knew by the end of that mass that all my reservations were gone. I had misconceptions, but my misconceptions were laid to rest. The next day, I came to Good Shepherd and met my first priest, Father Galvon.” Very soon after, Father Edwin had enrolled in RCIA classes and the following April received Confirmation.

He felt an immediate calling to the Priesthood and applied to the Arch Diocese. After a required waiting period, he entered Christ the King Seminary in Mission. With several theological degrees in hand, studies progressed quickly. He was assigned to several parishes during the summers, was ordained a deacon in May 2009, and before leaving the seminary in 2010 became a Benedictine Oblate. In July 2010 he was assigned Assistant Pastor at Star of the Sea Parish. In July 2012, Father was assiged to St. Michael's Parish in Burnaby, BC.