Father Kiran Thumma, Assistant Pastor 2011-2013

father kiran md

Father Thumma was born in the small town of Kanchanpally in the southeast Indian province of Andhra Pradesh. It is an area of warm winters and intense summer heat where temperatures may sometimes reach 50 degrees centigrade with high humidity. He, and his older brother were raised in a very traditional Catholic family and were educated in the Telugu language; the official language of the region. From an early age he knew that he wanted to become a priest. “To become a priest was my childhood desire.” he recalls. “I used to go to church every day and the desire got into my heart .”

He entered the Pallottine (Society of the Catholic Apostelate) seminary after high school, in 1996. Three years later he moved as a novice to Bangalore and then to Goa where he studied philosophy. He then returned to Palakol, in his native province to continue his studies, graduating in 2005. He then moved on to Mysore for four more years of theological studies and on April 27th, 2009 was ordained to Priesthood in the Pallottine Order. He belongs to the Province of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Bangalore.

His first appointment was to the small historic town Amaravathi, in a predominately Hindu region. Catholicism has a long history in the region but is definitely in the minority and the parish was poor. Here, he served as Assistant Pastor for two years. “It was primarily mission work, visiting the towns, celebrating mass, teaching catechism to the children and animating the youth.”

At the end of May, 2011 he learned that he was being assigned to Star of the Sea Parish. This was to be his first trip outside India. Rather than coming directly to South Surrey, he first went to Edmonton where a group of Pallottine Priests were able to assist him in adapting to Canadian culture, before settling in to his new parish, on August 24th.

Father Kiran made many close and dear friends during his two-year stay at Star of the Sea parish. In late June, 2013 a farewell service was held. Father Kieran was transferred to several small parishes along the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver in August, 2013.