Biography - Fr. Reynaldo Usman A.M.

Father Reynaldo Usman 250x375pxFather Reynaldo was born in the city of Manila, in the Philippines on April 14th, 1967 the eldest of five children (two sisters and two brothers). His father, a forklift operator and mother, a beautician, were devout Catholics going to church every Sunday. "I remember as a child my parents would invite the block rosary group to our home and my father would lead the rosary" Father Reynaldo recalls. 

At an early age, young Reynaldo and his family moved to the nearby city of Quezon where he attended school until his college years. Father Reynaldo remembers the moment when he first thought about entering religious life. "As a child I was playing in the streets and I remember seeing a priest walking by. I noticed he was wearing the cassock and he was carrying a bag and it just occurred to me that I wanted to be like him. I had no idea what the priesthood was like. I think I was seven."

By the time he was in high shool, his interests had changed and he was setting his sights on being a dentist. But in his senior year, after attending a weekend vocational seminar he had a change of heart. "I felt I wanted to become a priest". He belonged to a youth movement called the Youth Marion Crusade. The brothers who were facilitating the movement belonged to the Disciples of Mary. They invited him to join the vocation right then and there. Upon graduation from high shool Reynaldo entered the seminary. Eleven years later, following intensive studies in philosophy and theology and year of clinical pastoral experience in hospital, he was ordained December 8th, 1995.

For the next 10 years Father Usman was assigned to various parishes in and around Manila. In 2005 he received in invitation from Father Mark Bautista in Aldergrove, BC to fill in for him while on vacation. It became a yearly occurrence and Father Usman fell in love with Canada. In 2009 he wrote a letter to Archbishop Miller asking if he could work as a guest priest in the diocese. Within a short time he had completed the necessary documents and in the fall of 2009, he was assigned to St. Mary's parish in Chilliwack. Two years later he was off to Holy Trinity Parish in North Vancouver for four years, then one year at All Saints parish in Coquitlam before being assigned to Star of the Sea in July 2016.

Father Usman, or "Father Rey" as he prefers to be addressed, says the sense of "mission" is what he finds most gratifying about the priesthood. "Early on I had this desire to promote, to evangelize, to teach. The first question of Archbishop Miller to me was 'what brought you to Canada? I said it is the sense of sharing my faith, not only to parishioners but to outsiders as well."

Father Rey says he's very much looking forward to his time at Star of the Sea. One of his favorite activities is swimming. "As a kid, in the Philippines, we didn't have pools, but we had floods. So we would swim in the floods.," he says, laughing. He hopes to spend plenty of time at the local pools.

Father Rey was reassigned to St. Michael's Parish in Burnaby in July 2017.


Parish Staff


Fr. Glenn Dion

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Assistant Pastor:

Fr. DePaul Doan, CSJB

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Assistant Pastor:

Fr. Francesco Voltaggio

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Office Administrator:

Mario Ylanan

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Office Assistant:

Anne-Marie D'Mello

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Lorena Grange

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Ministry & Volunteer Coordinator:

Janice Hamanishi

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PREP Coordinators:

Geraldine Methven

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Irina Slijouk

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Music Coordinator:

Trudi Stammer

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Facility Coordinator:

Tom Cremer

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Biography - Fr. Glenn Dion

Fr Glenn Dion

Father Dion came into this world May 3rd, 1947; the third of eleven children and first boy. "My parents were devout, prayerful, Sunday Mass Catholics", says Father Dion. "There was a strong committment to the Church and they were supportive of my young declaration of wanting to go to a highschool seminary".

Father Dion's father was a professional craftsman who created sophisticated wooden molds used in the manufacture of precise metal parts; such as those used in the aerospace industry. His skills were in such demand that he was persuaded to move the family to California in 1953, comprising at that time of six children. In their new home the youngest five children in the family were born and young Glenn gained his dual-citizenship status. “We were strongly encouraged by the sisters who taught us to offer in prayer, ‘What do you want me to be O Lord?” he says. In those days there was a high school seminary run by the Franciscan Fathers in Santa Barbara and with the support of his parents Fr. Dion enrolled. In 1963 the family returned to Vancouver and Fr. Dion entered St. Pat's High School. Upon graduation, he attended UBC and then went to work as a child care worker employed by the federal government. "After a few years of working I attended a retreat in Penticton given by Jean Vanier. There was a priest there, who prompted me to make a decision within three months as to whether I still wanted to become a priest. I believe he played a kind of pivotal role." he says.

In 1973, Father Dion enrolled at St. Joseph’s Seminary in Edmonton, graduating with a Bachelor of Theology degree, and on June 25 of 1977 was ordained a priest by Archbishop Carney at Holy Name Parish in Vancouver, his home parish. Over the next four decades Fr. Dion was appointed to various parishes and duties throughout the Archdiocese; at the Cathedral in Vancouver (1year) , Powell River Parish (5 years) St. Mathews Parish in Surrey (20years), Abbotsford (1 year) and back to Vancouver as Rector of Holy Rosary Cathedral (10 years).

Father Dion says he is enthusiastic about his appointment as Pastor of Star of the Sea Parish and is committed to be fully involved, "especially in the sacramental preparation of the youth in the parish" He believes it's important to have a vision of the future. "I had a vision at St. Mathews and we worked with architects and many others in the parish to make that vision a reality." he says. "It think we need a new Parish Centre here at Star of the Sea...a facility that will rival or surpass anything else in South Surrey." Father Dion says he is very thankful to all those involved in the various parish committees and lay ministries who have made him feel so welcome.

Father DePaul Doan - Biography

fr DePaul275x325pxFather DePaul DoanFather DePaul was born to Catholic parents in Da Nang, Vietnam, the third of six children (three brothers and two sisters). He spent his entire childhood there and many of his early fond memories involve his close connection with the local Catholic church, bicycling to church regularly to help the local priest with daily chores.

In 1989, while in his late-teens, his family moved to Los Angeles as part of the American government's sponsorship of Vietnamese likely to be persecuted by the Communists for their political or religious beliefs. His father had been a soldier and his mother a government worker. The family settled in San Bernardino, California. Now too old for high school and with little or no English, young DePaul found work first as a waiter and then in a local manufacturer of electronic audio components. His wages help support his family.

He continued to feel the call of his Catholic faith. "You know when I came to the US, it was not just to make friends or to make money, it was also to find Jesus." he says. He worked for three years to support his family while his older siblings left home to get married and his younger siblings attended school. But eventually, he knew it was time to leave and he joined the religious order of St. John the Baptist. "It was very difficult. I was crying and my family was crying." he remembers. He lived with the Brothers for two years but was still uncertain of what course his life should take. Then, he recalls with a laugh that he, along with half a dozen other Brothers were posted to Taiwan. "It was another world. I did not know Chinese and was still learning English and no one knew Vietnamese. For awhile, we had to use sign-language." He did, however manage to learn basic Mandarin before being assigned back to the United States in Queens, New York. Over the next seven years, he was a novitiate taking his vows to the priest hood and studying philosophy. He went to Rome in 2002 to study theology and in 2005 returned to Taichung, Taiwan where he was ordained a Deacon. In 2006 he returned to Astoria, New York where he was ordained a priest with the St. John the Baptist congregation at Mt. Carmel in the Brooklyn Diocese.

His congregation sent him to the Vancouver Archdiocese in 2006 where he spent two years at St. Bernadette's parish and five years at St. Mathew's parish before coming to Star of the Sea Parish in August 2013.

Father DePaul loves to swim, is an avid soccer fan and says with a chuckle that he could not get through the day without copious amounts of coffee.

Father Mark Gazin - Biography

Fr Mark GazinFr Mark Gazin


Although born in California, Father Gazin moved to Prince George BC where he spent his first five years of school. In 1969 his family moved to Vancouver. He attended Point Grey High School and eventually, UBC. "My original intention was to study engineering like my father, but I had problems with integral calculus," he recalls with a chuckle. "So, I took some time off to travel and try to figure things out." His love of nature and the environment led him to Utah, where he
explored the National Parks there. While there, he encountered Mormons who invited him to join them. "When a person is in their late teens and early twenties, they're asking themselves 'who am I and what is my purpose...what is my call....and what am I going to do with my life?'... I began to ask those questions, and decided that I better find out more about my Catholic faith"





With these questions still in mind, he returned to UBC and met the Basilian Fathers at St. Mark's college. "I loved how they interacted with people. I loved how the Basilians enjoyed working with people to build up God's kingdom. These were also men to loved the outdoors, camping and hiking and that sort of thing. I found myself being drawn to their community and religious life."

Father Gazin had always enjoyed language studies. With encouragement from the Basilians he completed his degree in Spanish. Upon graduation he took a position for one year as a Spanish and Algebra teacher at a Catholic high school administered by the Basilians in Oakland, California.

He then moved to St. Anne's Church, in Detroit, to enter the novitiate. "This is a time where you study the history of the community......but you're also praying a lot. You're focused on giving the rest of your life to this religious community and preparing to take vows." On August 10th, 1985 Father Gazin took his vows. "It was the hottest day of the year and it so happens it was the Feast of St. Lawrence, who was martyred by being grilled to death," he notes with a laugh.

He completed his theology studies at St. Basil's Seminary at the Toronto School of Theology and was ordained at Vancouver's Holy Name Church on June 29th, 1990 by Bishop Lawrence Sabatini.

His first appointment was to the small town of Amherstburg, Ontario for one year and then two years with Campus Ministry at the University of Western Ontario in London. He was then appointed Director of Campus Ministry at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas. Near the end of his seven-year tenure there he crossed paths with Bishop Michael Miller (also a Basilian) who became President of the University. Father Gazin completed an MA in Spirituality and Moral Theology while at University of St. Thomas. He was then appointed to the Campus Ministry at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces.

Wanting to return to Canada, Father Gazin took a sabbatical in 2001. He spent five years in Owen Sound Ontario, renowned for it's outdoor beauty and the Bruce Peninsula hiking trail. In 2007 he was appointed to St. Basil's Church in Toronto when the Basilians withdrew from service in Owen Sound. With the local Pastor, he was instrumental in helping the National Catholic Broadcasting Council move its televised weekday Mass from St. Michael's Cathedral.

In 2009 Father Gazin was asked to assist in the consolidation of the local Basilian communities in Alberta. Along with St. Joseph's College at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, the Basilians also administer St. Alphonsus and St. Clare parishes. Father Gazin was appointed to these parishes for the next four "very challenging years." With these two parishes, he was also visiting seven schools in north-east Edmonton. While there, Father Gazin augmented his Spanish and French linguistic skills with the study of Oji-Cree - an aboriginal Canadian language.

Then, came the move to South-Surrey, White Rock. "One of the reasons I asked my community to be appointed to the Archdiocese of Vancouver is because of my parents. My mom and dad are aging and having difficulties. I asked if I could be closer to them. So, in dialogue with our community and the Archdiocese and in consultation with Father Galvon, I was
appointed here."

Father Gazin is very much looking forward to his time with Star of the Sea parish. An avid skier, he is also the proud owner of an inflatable kayak, which he hopes to put to good use.


Father John Tritschler

fr tritschler lrg

Fr. John Tritschler ( he prefers being called Fr. John, it is also easier to say than his surname) was born April 3, 1940 in Calgary, the second of four children; two sisters and a brother. His father spent his entire career with the Bank of Montreal and advancements with the bank meant the family was constantly on the move. They lived in Montreal twice, Calgary twice, Edmonton, Chicago and Vancouver. As his high school graduation from St. Mary’s Catholic Boys’ School in Calgary approached, he decided with some friends that he would “go to the seminary and give it a try”. He was thinking of St. Joseph’s Seminary in Edmonton at the time, but the bank transferred his father to Vancouver and so he entered the Seminary of Christ the King in Mission, BC in the fall of 1958. He studied there until his ordination as a diocesan priest for the Archdiocese of Vancouver in 1966. Since then he has served in parishes in West Vancouver, North Vancouver, North and South Burnaby, Vancouver proper, the Fraser Valley, and as a priest volunteer for three years in the Diocese of MacKenzie-Forth Smith and one year in the diocese of the Yukon.

“My loves in the priesthood would be working with the native people of Canada…that’s number one. Number two would be working with young adults, and in schools and I have worked in prisons.”

Father Tritschler is an avid outdoors enthusiast. When he was younger he hiked Vancouver Island’s West Coast Trail twice, and the Cape Scott Trail, kayaked the east side of the Queen Charlottes and canoed the Taseko Lakes in the Chilcoten. “I love outdoor activity…I don’t take as much time as I should, but I love the outdoors.”

"Fr. Galvon’s charity and kindness towards me has been much appreciated. Fr.Kiran, Ryan, the parish staff and the parishioners have been most helpful and welcoming to me as I settle into Star of the Sea Parish and the pastoral work that is before me. Together with all of you I look forward to growing in deeper faith, trust and love in Almighty God and our Catholic Faith with which we have all been so richly blessed."






Father Tritschler’s Assignments as assistant priest, supply priest, pastor and volunteer pastor over the last 46 years:

Holy Rosary Cathedral, Vancouver (1966-69);

St. Anthony’s, West Vancouver (1969-70);

St. Anthony’s, Agassiz, B.C. (1970);

St. Francis de Sales, So. Burnaby,B.C. (1970-73);

St. Patrick’s, Maple Ridge, B.C. (1973);

St. Mary’s Indian Residential School, Mission, B.C. (1973-74),

St. Jude’s, Vancouver (1974);

St. Ann’s, Aldergrove,B.C. (1974-76);

St. Joseph’s Parish, Mission,B.C. (1976-88); and chaplain to St. Mary’s Indian Residential School, Mission, B.C., and to Mission and Ferndale Prisons, Mission, B.C.

Guardian Angels, Vancouver (1988-90);

Holy Cross, North Burnaby, B.C. (1990);

Immaculate Conception, Vancouver (1990);

Holy Trinity, North Vancouver (1990-93);

Volunteer to five First Nations Dene communities of the North West Territories in the Great Bear Lake area, (1993-96);

Precious Blood, Surrey, B.C. (1996-2005);

Our Lady of Good Hope, Hope, B.C., and the First Nations of the Upper Fraser Valley and the Fraser Canyon (2005-2008);

Volunteer: Our Lady of Sorrows, Ft. Nelson, B.C. and its 2 First Nations communities (2008-2009).

St. Anthony's Parish, Agassiz, 2009-2012

Dedication - Good Shepherd Church - Nov 94

Like so many other successful projects at Star of the Sea, our Good Shepherd church began as a dream, born of necessity. We have a long history of significant growth and so many new parishioners had arrived in our Parish in the 1970's and 80's that there simply was no room left for them in our original churches. For many years, Masses were celebrated in the Star of the Sea Centre gymnasium. On special occasions the Hall would be overflowing and on any given Sunday, a huge renovation was required as the dais for the Mass was assembled, hundreds of chairs were placed, the organ and riser were hauled out. The old gymnasium filled the bill, but it wasn't "church". A dedicated team of volunteers was assembled in the early 90's and by the fall of 1994, thanks to endless hours of planning, hard work and the beneficence of countless parishioners, Good Shepherd Church as officially dedicated. It was truly a momentous occasion. Below, some pictures capturing the day’s celebration.

Parish Workbee - Installing Pews September 94Parish Workbee - Installing pews Sept 94Parish Workbee Installing pews Sept 94Parish Workbee Installing pews Sept 94

Good Shepherd Church Tapestry

2011-09-26-tapestryTapestry altarpiece at Good Shepherd Church commemorated parishioner Werner Hoing's birthday. Werner Hoing (left), weaver Ruth Jones, Helga Hoing, and Archbishop Miller pose with pastor Father Stanley Galvon, who thanked the Hoings for the "incredible generosity."

Master weaver's tapestry renews traditional art form in Surrey parish
By Laureen McMahon
The B.C. Catholic


VANCOUVER--In the summer of 2010, a tapestry altarpiece of Jesus as the Good Shepherd was completed for Good Shepherd Church in Surrey, a gift from parishioner Helga Hoing to commemorate the 80th birthday of her husband Werner.

In November 2009 Hoing consulted Father Stanley Galvon about a tapestry to mark her husband's upcoming milestone.

"I thought it was a great idea and was overwhelmed at Helga's generosity," the pastor told The B.C. Catholic.

When Hoing, who hoped to keep the tapestry secret until Werner's birthday, discovered textile artist Ruth Jones she knew she had found the right person.

The tapestry was finished on time and presented to Werner the day before his birthday. On Aug. 15, the actual date, Father Galvon had the tapestry in place for the 11 a.m. Sunday Mass.

Vancouver painter and master textile artist Jones designed the tapestry to depict the Good Shepherd, after Whom the church was named.

"Helga suggested we follow the European tradition of hanging the saint behind the altar," said Jones, whose work hangs in international and local venues, including the Museum of Anthropology at UBC.

Researching the role of the shepherd, drawing and painting the design, and then weaving it into the tapestry was an arduous yet fascinating process, said Jones. An instructor in historic European tapestry technique, she graduated in Tapestry Design and Production from the National School for Decorative Arts in Aubusson, France.

Tapestries, Jones said, were created for European churches, and have hung in churches and chapels for hundreds of years. In the 14th century there was a surge in tapestry as the weaving process was studied and refined. Many tapestries were damaged in the Second World War, although probably the most famous of all, the Bayeux Tapestry, survived.

Jones visited the "beautiful setting" of the Surrey church to discuss the tapestry with Father Galvon, and began reading about the true nature of shepherds and sheep.

"I learned how sheep learn to obey their shepherd's voice; how they have perfect confidence in him and follow him wherever he leads. When he searches out those who have strayed, the flock will stay together until he returns. Shepherds lovingly mind their flock and constantly scan the forest for wolves which would destroy them."

While weaving, working in imported French tapestry yarns of wool and silk, Jones meditated and prayed, contemplating Jesus in His role as Good Shepherd.

"It taught me many things about how we can live our own lives," she said.

"Good shepherds," said Jones, "care for all living things while being aware of 'wolf-like' activity which can pull us off track. We need to forgive the trespasses of those around us, recognizing that, like sheep, people sometimes lose their way. We bring our flock together using good thoughts and prayers."

Old Testament connections to shepherds and sheep continue into the New Testament, Jones said.

King David, she explained, was born in a cave sheep fold, and news of his birth first travelled to shepherds. His mission was to tend to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Christ's birth was heralded by shepherds.

"Jesus gave His disciple Peter the office of shepherd by asking him to 'feed My sheep.'" The Latin word pastor means shepherd, Jones pointed out.

She wove a border of plants to "root the image in the earth and put our Saviour's feet firmly where the flock is grazing." Douglas fir and cedar trees place Jesus in our local environment.

"Over His head I painted stars in the shape of flowers and wheels to suggest the invisible spiritual realms and the reality of energy and intention that evolves over time," said Jones.

"Tapestry weaving is done from the back of the work, and weavers can't see the front until the work is finished and cut off the loom. So I asked Jesus what He wanted to look like and His form emerged from my hands."

Jesus's staff, said Jones, is "a stick from the forest whittled during the long days in the pasture," while His sandals are simple leather thongs tied to His feet. His beard is "a bit unkempt and blowing in the breeze of outdoors at dusk, the time that wolves stir."

Jesus's halo, Jones noted, is woven with threads that "shine with the clarity and compassion that make up His thoughts. The sheep stay close to God Who provides security, authority, and affection."

The tapestry was woven on a big low-warp loom with the help of assistants Trena Coulter, Sasha Webb, Rick Holloway, and Sarah Mouratidis. Coulter and Webb are weaving apprentices. Holloway helped with the technical aspect of the weaving, while Mouratidis sewed up threads.

The tapestry, Helga Hoing told The B.C. Catholic, was everything she could have wished for.

"It is really a masterpiece, and we are so thrilled to make it a permanent gift to the parish."

More information is available from Ruth Jones: 604-669-8166 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Some of her work is displayed at

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New Parishioners Welcome

Three Churches new 2015

Star of the Sea Parish is one of the largest and most diverse catholic parishes in the Vancouver Archdiocese. We welcome newcomers to share in the fellowship of our faith community.

Our Parish Family extends a warm invitation and welcome to newcomers and all who, for any reason, have been separated from the practice of their Catholic faith. We seek to provide an opportunity for Catholics who have been away from the life of the Church, to establish reconnection through the healing of any hurt that may have created division and through the acquisition of a renewed understanding of the Church and its mission. Our goal is to provide not just information on becoming a member of the Church, but rather transformation into a true disciple of Jesus.

New or returning parish members may obtain a registration form, donation envelopes, a Parish Life Directory Booklet and copy of our most recent Weekly Bulletin at the Parish Office in Good Shepherd Church.

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Tours of the church and chapel are available anytime during Parish office hours: 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Saturday. The office is closed during lunch hour 12:00-1:00pm.

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  • Detailed Parish History
  • Planning & Finance

    Dear Parishioners:pastor sm blog

    In his Apostolic Letter “The New Millennium” (2001), written at the close of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000, Pope John Paul II wrote:

    “…..our hearts ring out with the words of Jesus one day, after speaking to the crowds from Simon’s boat, he invited the apostles to ‘put out into the deep’ for a catch: “Duc in altum” (Lk.5:4)…These words ring out for us today, and they invite us to remember the past with gratitude, to live the present with enthusiasm and to look forward to the future with confidence…”

    In last year’s Pastoral letter, I used this same quote and I’m repeating it again this year. The message is still very significant and very applicable to all of us here in our parish. Over the past year and a half, we have achieved some major positive improvements:

    • Involvement in our faith programs continues to expand,
    • Our base of ministry volunteers has grown,
    • New parishioners are eagerly welcomed into our parish family
    • More parishioners are participating in successful fun-raising initiatives like Project Advance and the Stella Maris Gala, and as a result, we have been able to
    • Accelerate the reduction of capital debt and are implementing a capital maintenance program for all our facilities.

    These successes are due directly to the efforts of a core group of parish leaders and parish doers – who make everything function, week after week, across our parish. Our Clergy Team is very grateful for your ongoing contributions – you represent the essence of parish stewardship in so many ways!

    On the following pages are our revised and updated Parish Plans. We can’t do everything at once, so this lays out our priorities for this year. You are invited to become involved in one of our current Ministry Teams, or to offer your skills and talents to support our plan.

    God bless you always,
    fr galvon signature reverse

    Reverend Stanley Galvon, Pastor