Father Stanley Galvon, Pastor

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Stanley Galvon was born in the town of Blairmore in the Crows Next Pass of South West Alberta. His family moved to Calgary, where he completed his primary and secondary education at Catholic schools. As a child he had always been “tearing things apart and putting them back together” so, when it came time to consider a career, engineering held a certain appeal. Following his graduation at the University of Calgary in Electrical Engineering he began working with Alberta Government Telephone (today’s Telus) in Edmonton. Very shortly after that, his sister, a medical doctor working in St Lucia in the Caribbean, invited Stanley to help with a volunteer project at a local hospital. “It was there that I caught the travel bug and when I came back to Canada, I joined the navy.” After completing boot camp in Chilliwack, Stanley was granted a Commission as Lieutenant and assigned as a Combat Systems Engineer on frigates. For the next four years, he worked off the East and West coasts, primarily on fishing patrols. But when the military asked him to go to England for further study, Stanley realized that he really didn’t want to pursue a lifelong military career. He left the navy to work with Amoco Petroleum in Chicago, Lovick , Texas and Calgary. He then accepted a position as a Project Engineer with BC Sugar (‘Rogers’ today) in Vancouver, moving to the BC Coast, where his mother had moved after re-marrying.

“I was doing some volunteer work out of the Cathedral at St. Vincent de Paul, visiting old sailors in the gastown district at night time. And I kept on bumping into Archbishop Carney. I didn’t have a wedding ring on my finger and was around the church, so he asked me ‘have you ever thought of becoming a priest?’ I said, ‘No’. He said, ‘Why Not?’ and I said, “Well, I’m an Engineer.’ And he said, ‘So what!’ Well, I thought priests had to have studied psychology and sociology and all that. He said ‘All you have do is pray and love God’s people.’ He liked to bang his hand on his desk for effect. He didn’t even give me a chance to think about it. He said ‘You go see the Vocation Director.’ So I did.” Soon after, he was attending the seminary Collegio Beda in Rome. Four years later, Father Stanley Galvon was ordained a priest by Archbishop Carney at the Holy Rosary cathedral. For the next four years, Father Galvon served as an Assistant Pastor at Immaculate Conception in Delta and St. Anthony’s in West Vancouver. Then, nine years as Pastor at St. Joseph’s in Port Moody. In 1997 he was appointed Pastor at Star of the Sea. In 2014, Fr. Galvon was appointed Rector of Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver.