What We Believe


Parish Statement of Purpose picOur Parish Vision  We aspire to be a vibrant, joyful faith community adhering to the beliefs and traditions of the Catholic Church to demonstrate our love of God and love of neighbour.


Our Mission as a Catholic community is to achieve balance in worship, welcoming, serving, teaching and learning and managing resources.  These elements enable us to live our faith in a way that is most appropriate for each member of our community, while also respecting the preferences of others.  Each parishioner is a very important part of our parish.

Our Core Values 

:  We lift up our lives to God through prayer, sacrifice and our daily actions.

Compassion & Service:
We demonstrate genuine care, support and concern for others.

Stewartship:  We make a personal commitment of time, talent and treasure to provide caring, responsible leadership that strengthens the parish and reaches out to the broader community.

Pursuit of Learning:  We use formal and informal opportunities concerning faith and life that can be learned and applied by parishioners of all ages.

We reach out to all people searching for a way to pursue their own faith journey by sharing the teachings and the spirit of Christ.