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Library Hours: 9AM - 4PM Monday-Friday / After Mass on Sunday


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Our library provides a wealth of resources for those seeking the truth through the written word, audio and DVD. The library is situated to the left as you come in the doors to the church. You are welcome to come in and browse, STOP and look around. Are you seeking knowledge on a subject that fascinates you? There is a well balanced selection of resources that will foster spiritual growth for children, youth and adults.


As you look to the left the first shelf begins with children and youth books, the second sexual ethics, science and religion, the bible, theology and catechisms, books on our Blessed Mother, the sacraments, the family, social concerns, spiritual reading, prayer, relics, places of pilgrimage, business ethics and leadership, and church and state.

On the other side of the room behind the desk the first shelf is for library work, and reference books. The next shelf is evangelism, history, religious congregations, peace & justice, ecumenism, the papacy and the Pope, ecumenical books and other religions. The third is biographies,

Following that you may choose from a selection of over 200 DVD’s with both movies and documentaries.

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Enjoy listening to a CD at home or in your car. Our selection of CD’s is growing at 150. Some latest titles are: The Year of Faith by Dr. Michael Barber, How to get the Most out of Mass by Dr. Scott Hahn, Overcoming the New Age Movement by Matthew Arnold and Dating and Courtship by Kimberly Hahn.



To Check Out an Item

1.            Remove the card from the front page of the book or video.

2.            Print the date, your name and phone number on the card.

3.            Place the card in the yellow basket on the round table.

Circulation Dates

1.            DVD’s may be taken out for one week

2.            Books and CD’s may be taken out for one month

Please observe circulation dates in consideration of others.

To return an item place it in the book return box by the side of the desk



Volunteers are vitally important to the operation of the library. If you are interested in helping by: Visual promotion, book displays, posters and publicity, data entry for computer program for libraries, filing and recording library cards, returning books to the shelves, hospitality when the library is open.

Below, are our Library Assistants/Volunteers. Run your mouse over each image for more information.

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The library accepts gifts of books, videos or audio cassette tapes provided they meet the requirement for selection as the library's own purchases. If they are older books or doubles of books already in the library, they may be sold in the yearly book sale to raise money for new material. For further information or requests for books or videos from the library, please contact Janet Joy at 604.531.5739

Books console, uplift, heal, bring hope, bring faith, and bring people back to the faith.


By Catherine de Hueck Doherty of Madonna House.

New Arrivals - CDs / DVDs

gloryclick for infoAction Adventure: True story of Mexico's 1920's Christo War.








octoberclick for info

A young woman discovers a remarkable secret about her birth and seeks to find out more, while realizing life offers more than we might ever expect.



New Arrivals - Books

nazarethclick for infoPope Emeritus, Benedict XVI's highly acclaimed recent book, providing new theological insights into the life of Jesus. A must-read for every serious minded Catholic.





youcatclick for infoThe new Youth Catechism. But it's a great reference for the whole family. Concise. Convenient.