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We are constantly seeking parishioners interested in sharing their gift in Proclaiming the Word of God within the celebration of Mass. If you have discerned such interest and identified this important gift, please contact the Parish Office or Vic Balanon, Lector Coordinator.

Minor training is required through an interactive video presentation called Lector and Gospel Reader's Workshop produced and facilitated by Audry Sommers, a TV host on Catholic Television Network of Detroit and a teach at Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan.

We also provide trainees with a comprehensive Lector Manual binder for organizing schedules, guidelines and other specific lector material.

The Parish Library at Good Shepherd Church has also be stocked with helpful resources on the Ministry of Lector
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Vic C. Balanon
Lector Coordinator
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Whether a Lector approaches reading as a job, a ministry, a vocation or all three, there is a need for human engagement on his or her part with the texts. 

"In the beginning was the Word," the gospel of John declares in its magnificent prologue. (1.1) And that remains true every Sunday. In the beginning of the worship service is the word waiting to be spoken and heard. It waits to become flesh -- first, the flesh of the lector, then the flesh of the community. It needs to be embodied to be living word, embodied in speech and action. And that leads us to the Ministry of Lector.


The Ministry of Lector
Institution of Readers, Pages 41-42