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What is Christian Meditation?
Christian Meditation is a prayer of the heart. It involves the silent repetition of a single sacred word or phrase (the mantra). The continual gentle repetition of the mantra leads to an experience of silence, stillness, and simplicity.

Silence means letting go of thoughts.

Stillness means letting go of desire.

​​Simplicity means letting go of self-analysis.

This is a path beyond thought and imagination into the presence of the risen Christ who dwells in our hearts. The way is one of simplicity and discipline.

For a brief introduction to Christian Meditation please click on the link below to view the video:

Christian Silent Meditation Prayer Group

When and Where We Meet:
An ecumenical Christian meditation prayer group meets regularly at Good Shepherd Church.  People of all faiths are invited to join us. The meditation group meets every

TUESDAY 9:30am AND 7:00pm

in the room next to the sacristry. (Last door on the right just off the vestibule before you enter the church proper.)

Each prayer session follows the approach suggested by the World Community for Christian Meditation and its founder, Fr. John Main a Benedictine Monk. The meditation begins with  opening prayers, followed by a short teaching CD based on scripture. We then sit together in silence for 25-30 minutes. The session closes with prayer and sharing.

Meditation with Children:
Our Canadian website ( has an excellent and informative 12-minute video on Meditation with Children. Once you are on the home page click on 'Meditation with Children' and you will see the video on the left hand side entitled "Something is Growing".

Parish Library:
There are books by Father John Main available in our parish library as well as a DVD "Pilgrimage – The Way of Christian Meditation". An Introduction to Christian Meditation pamphlet is available in the library.

For More Information about the Star of the Sea meditation group contact:

Jim & Louise Dudar - Phone:  604.538.7020   Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Our Weekly Meetings

are at Good Shepherd Church

(in the room next to the sacristy)


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