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 CWL at Star of the Sea Parish

Who are we?

Catholic Women with a Catholic voice ~ caring with Love. As one of the largest Catholic service organizations in Canada, CWL has provided a voice to those issues of life and service which are closest to the hearts of all Catholics. Through political lobbying and advocacy, the women of CWL have been a voice for the unborn, the disenfranchised, the impoverished and abused.

What do we do?

The CWL is involved in a wide range of charitable works. Members endeavour to exert influence in issues rooted in social justice and peace and particularly seek to make the voice of Catholic women heard in the Legislature on issues surrounding the Family. CWL offers its members the opportunity to develop and learn new skills, enabling them to fulfil their mission of service to one another, to our parish and to the Church.

Could the CWL be for me?

YES!  An invitation is extended to all women to purchase a membership in the CWL. By doing so you will be:

1. supporting the efforts of League members across Canada who are diligently working to promote the teachings of the Catholic church;

2. part of the largest national organization of Catholic women in Canada with a tradition of service to others, to the Church and to Canada.

Do I need to attend all CWL meetings?

While your presence at meetings is important to us, we realize that many of us lead very busy lives with many family and work commitments, and it may not always be possible for you to attend our monthly meetings. Be assured that your interest and support is as important as your attendance!

Our monthly meetings are on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm, following Mass at 6:30pm at Good Shepherd Church.


Do come along and join other Catholic women on a journey of faith and friendship.