Star of the Sea Parish

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Come explore … “Who Am I?”

Good Shepherd Church Meeting Room
2250 - 150th Street
Surrey, BC V4A 9J3
Date and Time
Sat 9 February 2019
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Introducing a pathway to better recognize and appreciate the riches your life holds and offers.  Come and see how the PRH workshop “Who Am I” helps you explore strongholds of your life that leads toward greater optimism. Presented by Fr. John McCarthy, a Licensed PRH Educator.

PRH is a school of adult education based on continuous psychological and educational research focusing on personal growth.

We communicate a positive view of the person. Faith in one’s abilities and respect for one’s freedom are central values.

We use a method of analysis of one’s personal experience along with additional means which accelerate the growth of individuals, couples and groups.

Using this method we have contributed to the humanization of societies for more than 35 years.