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Discover Discipleship

Star of the Sea Parish Parish
2250 - 150th Street
Surrey, BC V4A 9J3

Discover Discipleship helps form missionary disciples. In alignment with the Archdiocesan priorities and goals, Discover Discipleship is a crucial part of "Get Closer to Jesus". 

The discipleship series developed by Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) has been designed in order to proclaim the Gospel, equip the faithful and commission them to become missionary disciples. These materials are used in a small group setting and allow for a relatable and dynamic proclamation of the Catholic Faith. They are easy-to-lead and have proven effective in bringing about personal conversions.

Discovery leads you through a simple but personally challenging look at the Gospel message. It will allow you to strengthen your relationship with Jesus, grow in fellowship with other parishioners and learn how to share your faith with others. Discovery is the first of a series of five faith studies.

The objective of Source, the next study in the series, is to introduce participants to the Person of the Holy Spirit and to unpack how he enables us to follow God faithfully. The third in the series, Growth offers practical guidance on how to grow in holiness. Like the Discovery and Source studies, Growth is rooted in the truth that God is at the centre of our lives. The concepts presented in both Source and Growth are vital for those who are newly learning to live as Christians.

The fourth study, Obedience looks at how we can concretely trust God and give him permission in specific areas of our lives. Each lesson invites us to greater abandonment and docility to God’s will for our lives. Participants are invited to experience the freedom of following and trusting God’s plan for their lives. The last study in the series is Commission. It is about forming missionary disciples.

Our goal is not just to share the message of Jesus, but to spread his mission. This mission is to form apostles — believers who, through the empowerment and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, send others to proclaim the message. This multiplication strategy comes from scriptural models which the study expounds.