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Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Star of the Sea Parish Parish
2250 - 150th Street
Surrey, BC V4A 9J3

The role of an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion is to assist the priest in serving communion during the celebration of Mass. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion receive a mandate from the Archbishop through the Pastor. Extraordinary Ministers are scheduled to serve communion at a specific mass or service in the church or to bring the Eucharist to Catholics who are sick and unable to attend Mass in care facilities and homes in our area.

An Extraordinary Minister must know what the Church teaches about the Real Presence of the Lord Jesus in the Eucharist, his self-giving Sacrifice, and the grace which flows from this awesome Sacrament of Christ's love. They receive training by attending workshops, and through the guidance of the Ministry Coordinators.  Communion is to be distributed reverently while acknowledging the sanctity of the position of Extraordinary Minister. They should always maintain a sense of wonder and awe at the Sacrament they are privileged to distribute to others.